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Wenzhou Xinrong

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Pursue perfect quality with standard management, and improve customer satisfaction with continuous improvement.

interpretation: The quality policy is the specific embodiment of the company's business philosophy of "quality first, customer first, scientific management", which includes the recognition, understanding and determination of all the company's personnel on the quality awareness.

  It is the commitment and integrity to customers!
  It is the responsibility to contribute to society and comply with laws and regulations!
  It is the source of continuous technological innovation, management innovation and resource optimization!

Quality objectives

    1.First time acceptance rate of finished products≥98.5%;
    2.Number of customer complaints≤1.5次/month;
    3.The timeliness rate of customer complaint handling is 100%;
    4.Customer return rate≤30PPM;
    5.Average customer placement score≥91;
    6.The delivery rate of customer products is100%;